torsdag 24. mars 2011

Case review for non-Irish parents of Irish citizens

THE RIGHTS of the non-Irish parents of Irish citizen children to live and work in Ireland are to be examined urgently by the Department of Justice, Minister for Justice Alan Shatter has announced.

In a major shift in Government policy following a recent ruling by the European Court of Justice (ECJ), Mr Shatter has asked for an examination of all cases before the courts where such parents are fighting deportation, along with a review of cases where deportation is being considered to see if the ECJ ruling might apply. There are about 120 such cases at present before the courts.

The department will also look at cases where the non-Irish parents of Irish children have already been deported to see if they are affected by the ruling, he said.


Mr Shatter told The Irish Times that in most simple cases Irish citizen children were entitled to have both parents live with them in Ireland. “Where there is an intact and real relationship there is very little doubt the child is entitled to both parents living with them in the State,” he said.

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