mandag 2. mai 2011

Newlyweds reunited after battle with law

DUBLIN AIRPORT played host to a love story with a happy ending for newlyweds Lasha Sabashvili and Gloria Walker last night.

The couple, who live in Castlebar, were finally reunited following a six-month legal battle with immigration authorities following Mr Sabashvili’s deportation to Georgia last November.

“It has been a hideous six months for us.

“But I’m so glad he’s back,” said Ms Walker, who is a British citizen living in Ireland since she was a child.

The couple were engaged to be married when members of the Garda National Immigration Bureau knocked on their door at 5am last November and arrested Mr Sabashvili, an asylum seeker from Georgia.

The following day he was deported along with 37 other Georgians on a charter flight to Tbilisi.

Mr Sabashvili’s application for asylum had been rejected by the authorities and he had been served with a deportation order.

However, the couple had sought to invoke rights laid out under EU treaties which provide that EU citizens (this does not apply to Irish citizens who are not covered by the directive) can have their non-EU partners live with them if they are in committed relationships.

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